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Time for Bitcoin again?

Bitcoin dominance was falling in the last few weeks or months. Ethereum and some alts had a great run as we anticipated in the last few weeks, but now we think that a turnaround could happen anytime soon and that BTC could start gaining momentum again.

BTC got stalled around 58k for some time now, and we expect that as soon as this strong resistance is broken, we will see a decent run-up and that Bitcoin could outperform altcoins and Ethereum in the short run to medium term.

Anyway, we think that we are in the middle of this bull run and during any Bull Run many new interesting projects are coming to space.

But given that, we are entering the second leg of the bull run we will be very cautious with the new projects and will be betting on already established blue chips like Bitcoin, Ethereum Cardano, Solana, Aave, Uniswap, Synthetix and others. For more information on our portfolio, you can visit the Portfolio section on our website.

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