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Analytics: Market Bottoming Out?

The main question in the last few weeks was whether the market has bottomed out or not.

Answering this question analysts are evenly divided.

Roughly half of the analysts are calling for more downturn towards 20,000 or even 10,000 dollars for one Bitcoin. Another half of analysts are claiming that the market has bottomed out and expect a resumed bull market.

Our job is to be prepared for both possibilities, therefore we increased our stable coin position in case of a downturn.

We see that staked stable coins could play a similar role as bonds in traditional portfolios.

Not only that they can lower the volatility of the portfolio in the case of a downtrend, but can also serve as a dry powder in case of lower price. Current average yield on stable coins is about 10% on centralized platforms and even higher on decentralized platforms.

We expect interesting summer because of huge amount off announced upgrades like layer 2 scaling solutions on Ethereum, layer one upgrades on Ethereum and Bitcoin. Good luck!

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