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Dushan Spalevich is a serial entrepreneur with working experience in 5 different countries.

Dushan graduated at Natural Science and Mathematics High School, a leading Slovenian educational institution, which produced the most Slovenian Prime Ministers and successful entrepreneurs. He holds a bachelor’s degree of Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. During his studies he worked as a travel guide and office representative in different countries for the biggest Slovenian tour operator. This experience gave him opportunity to work in different cultural environments and learn some of his 6 foreign languages. He also successfully set up 2 representative offices in Spain and 1 in Italy as startup projects.

Soon after his graduation Dushan had become the youngest manager responsible for a country business operation of a FMCG multinational company SC Johnson in Slovenia, reporting to a cluster headquarters in Milan, Italy. Multinational company provided him great opportunity to explore and learn corporation structure and business processes of big enterprises. 

As a very young manager responsible for a whole country business he was personally acknowledged, by at that time, global SC Johnson CEO Bill Perez, later also CEO of Nike & Wrigley and was also appraised by Mr. Perez personal visit to Slovenian headquarters. 

In 2004 he co-founded and managed a self-funded start up project in Russia, which had successfully become the biggest segment In-door advertising operator with more than 250 employees, 18 subsidiaries and 50.000 advertising locations in the biggest Russian cities. It was a perfect playground where he used previous experience, structure and knowledge from multinational company. 

Dushan is also a private investor with more than 20 years’ investment experience in different asset classes including stocks, bonds, commodities, ETFs etc. and a big fan of portfolio management using different “asset allocation theories”.

As a start-upper by the soul and private investor, Dushan was immediately attracted by the new opportunities of blockchain technologies and new investments vehicles in the form of TGE, ICO, ITO etc. After several investments in blockchain startups, blockchain & tech space became his full time passion and work at the same time.

Today, Dushan is a founder of iBlock Capital  - Global Fundraising And Investment Network, and Founder & Host of YouTube channel iBlock TV, specialized in covering tech startups ecosystem.

He is also a speaker, panelist & moderator at different conferences and events around the world.

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